If you are looking to make a new purchase, upgrade or replace existing technology, contact us for an assessment on what we recommend for you to meet and exceed your technology goals.  We are happy to stop by your location and evaluate your current and future technology needs. 

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Although we are not a stocked retail store, we purchase directly from the leading wholesalers, manufacturers and technology distributors to fulfill our client's technology requirements.  We pass-through costs to our clients with zero markup.  We are not in the resale game.  This gives you peace of mind that you are getting the best price on the best recommended hardware for your business.

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If you are in need of temporary machines and equipment for a short term project, we offer computer and hardware rentals as well.  Please visit our Rental page to learn more.  

Whether you need a single desktop computer, and Exchange server, Domain server, network components, or you need to outfit an entire office, CTS can help in the planning and implementation of your IT infrastructure replacement or expansion.  We specialize in new PC purchases, technology refresh, hardware rollout, software and licensing to keep you matched with your growing IT needs and budget.  

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"Computers aren't the thing.  They're the thing that gets us to the thing." - Joe MacMillan, Halt & Catch Fire

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