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Server security and domain security is another subject that is often tossed aside in the name of convenience.  Often it is viewed as a hassle or hindrance to have to remember passwords or deal with restricted areas.  Don't be fooled.  Keep your data secured under "lock and key".  Secure your server and domain, and restrict access to only those that require it.  Let us assess and implement a properly secured domain server or secured file server.


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Did you know... Statistics show that it takes an average of 200 days before a data breach is even realized by the Company that suffered the data theft!  That gives hackers 200 days to use and sell your data before you even realize the loss has occurred.  The potential damage is enormous!  

Protecting your data and hardware from both internal and external threats is more important now than it ever was for all companies and individuals.  We can implement intranet security policies, content-based firewall configuration, port blocking, throttling, and monitoring across the network.

Many small businesses do not have a proper firewall to protect their business network.  Many times they self-install a wireless router without the notion of how to properly secure the wireless network.  Network security and internet security is often overlooked or under-protected with residential type network routers purchased at the local electronics store.  Don't treat your business network as a home network!  You could inadvertently allow access to your business secrets and customer data! Let us assist in implementing a proper enterprise level router, firewall and wireless router to protect your business network.

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