"Computers aren't the thing.  They're the thing that gets us to the thing." - Joe MacMillan, Halt & Catch Fire

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This service isn't just available for business class customers.  We are happy to outfit your home with the latest technology as well.  After all, a home is where 

surveillance and monitoring

You can have the most secure network imaginable with state-of-the-art routers, firewalls, virus protection, cloud protection and RAID hard drives.  But if your physical location isn't secure, those precautions won't matter when your computers and equipment go walking out the door.  Of course there are more things to protect in your building than just your computer systems: cash, inventory, people, etc...

CTS can outfit your property with the latest in surveillance equipment and checkpoints.  We can install night-vision cameras that you can monitor on your own phone, tablet, laptop or any device that connects to the internet.  We can install card readers, fingerprint scanners or other checkpoint items for your employees or guests.  You can be covered inside and out from robberies and intrusions.

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For an assessment of your business property or home, contact us today and we will visit your location and go over a surveillance plan that will keep you secure.

your most valuable resources are; your family.  Have peace-of-mind knowing that your house is under 24/7 video surveillance at your fingertips, without the burdensome and costly contracts from home security companies.