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Microsoft Exchange Servers not only allow e-mail messaging, but they add collaborations via calendar and contact sharing throughout your enterprise. When implemented correctly, it can be a very powerful and important component to everyday operations for a business.  But this is not a set-it-and-forget-it type of system.  Proper configuration and upkeep is a must to keep this valuable process running.  ​

exchange mail servers

If you have been or are experiencing issues with your current email system, such as receiving an abundance of SPAM, possibly more than legitimate e-mails.  Or your outbound messages have been returned to you because your current server has been blacklisted because of misconfiguration or abuse. Maybe you are getting calls about customers or clients reporting that they didn't get a response from you to one of their e-mails, yet you never received it.  All of these are signs that it is time to take a look at a new e-mail server.​

Barracuda SPAM Filtering and Virus Protection

Would you like to control your SPAM and Virus exposure at the mail gateway?  CTS use Barracuda SPAM and Virus Firewall appliances to defend your mail server from SPAM, virus attachments, spyware attachments, phishing and spoofing.  Barracuda has a solid reputation for its SPAM filtering products and continues to be an industry leader in SPAM filtering appliances used around the world.  As an authorized Barracuda Networks reseller, we highly recommend Barracuda SPAM filtering appliances to protect your e-mail.

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